Journeys Academy faculty is an intellectually and culturally diverse group of professionals unified by their commitment to each individual child they serve. They draw on decades of teaching experience but remain consonantly open to new ideas, sharing a passion for professional and intellectual growth.

Journeys Academy staff is always enthusiastic and positive about providing a unique educational environment.  Our instructors are expected to build an extraordinary bond with each student. This creates a positive change in behavior and social-emotional skills that allow students to be successful in school and in our community.

Founder: Doug and Karissa Tolliver

Program Director: Doug Tolliver

Lead Teacher: Audrey Nugent

Teacher /Administrative Assistant: Elizabeth Richardson

Behavioral Tech/CNA: Chelise Culliver

Board Certified Behavior Analyst: Yasamin Sarpoolaki

Coach: Joe Lewis

Art Teacher: Cathy Carnes

Volunteer: Carol Galbreath


1945 Palm Bay Rd, Palm Bay  Fl   329305  

Office (321) 327-8241// Cell (321) 480-2555

E-mail: Karissa Tolliver, Administrator:

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